Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 38: Thursday: Presence

Ever-guiding Presence,
Baptism brought You to
call me by my name
and Your nurturing patience
nudges me gently.

In the hushed silence
You rise from the mists,
but I hold You
at my cold distance,
no room for You
when my work locks me
away in my heart –
Your Presence less than
an echo in my mind.

Separated from You,
I plot an empty curve,
without a star for my path.

Did you hear God calling you by name in baptism? Do you make space for God now, or are you holding God at a distance? Take some time to sit in the Presence.

Poem by Brother Xavier FMS ‘Presence I’ from Anthology of Australian Religious Poetry Les Murray (ed) (North Blackburn, Vic: Collins Dove, 1986), 295.

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