Tuesday, January 30, 2024

The final voyage PLUS new blog: Alison and the whale!

To my beautiful faithful shipmates who still turn up here from time to time and wonder if there will be ever be another voyage:

Now Sanctuary's finished up, I'm finally admitting the blogger platform is a decade past its use-by day.

So I've moved across to a new site, to alisonandthewhale.com (here).

There you'll find you'll find ... not much at all yet! But I've kicked things off with a conversation with Simon Holt at Collins Street Baptist about one of my favourite topics, Jonah, and will slowly add posts. Some will be old and barnacle encrusted; others, fresh as a new-bubbling spring. I'm thinking prayers, sermons, thoughts, conversations: whatever gets caught in the net. 

But I won't be cross-posting here anymore.

May you have fair winds and following seas. 

Love, alison x

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