Sunday, March 26, 2023

Ezekiel | Dem dry colonial bones

It is tempting to reflect on the bones. The massacre site that is now a fast food restaurant just a couple of blocks from Sanctuary. The bones which still wash up from time to time on the beach near Peterborough. The babies’ bones buried six feet under at the missions. The bones which were scattered throughout the landscape, left to rot in every lake, valley and hollow, left lying in the paddocks to dry out in the sun. It’s tempting to focus on the bones: because our history and geography are studded with other people’s bones ...

A reflection for white settlers living on stolen land. Read here or listen here.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

John | Trans/forming

John 9: It could be the story of a trans person becoming integrated. ‘It’s still me,’ she says, ‘in fact, this is who I really am, who I was all along.’ But nobody is listening. Instead, they argue about her; they drag in the parents; they try to apportion blame.

Read here or listen here.

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