Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day 25: Wednesday: I was trying

I come from a secular family, and made friends with a Christian girl in high school who introduced me to her world of faith.  I was fascinated, and drawn by the friendliness of the people, but it was a weird cross-cultural experience in many ways. The gulf between my intellectual upbringing and the charismatic church meant that it was several years before I gave up waiting for ‘proof’ of God’s existence and decided I wanted in anyway. I was 18.
    Our church usually baptized people at the beach, but it was decided that we would have a joint service at the local Church of Christ which had a baptismal pool. This was disappointing and I don’t remember being asked, but I probably would have gone along with their preference anyway.
    I remember very little of the service. My parents came, which was awkward as they were very uncomfortable with my association with Christians, but they surprised me with a gift of a silver chain for my cross.  I don’t remember giving a testimony. I didn’t know anyone else being baptized and there were lots of unfamiliar people in the church.
    I was wearing a white robe and I was laid back into the water by my church minister and a friend.  I was hoping desperately for some kind of spiritual ‘feeling’ to occur, and I was trying to act the way I thought people were supposed to act when they undergo a significant faith experience, which means that somewhere there exists a very embarrassing photo of me with eyes raised to the ceiling after I come up out of the water.  Shortly afterwards, I realized I’d forgotten to bring a towel.

Were you fully immersed in your baptism, or were you also playing a role? Ask God what uncomfortable new roles you are being asked to practice now.

Reflection by Samara Pitt, South Yarra Community Baptist Church, 22 January 2016.

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