Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Day 30: Tuesday: Aspects of God

It was natural, given my mother’s evangelical Anglican background, that I should be baptised in 1937 at eight weeks of age. I cannot remember it of course. But I can’t remember not being part of the Church. I have been at worship from age 7 (having previously attended Sunday School), and was a choir boy and an altar server. I have witnessed many a child’s baptism, and as a Methodist and Uniting Church minister I baptised over 300 children myself, with great joy.
    I remember well my confirmation, at age 12, which is an absolute necessity for those who practice children’s [infant] baptism, for we need to own for ourselves what has been done for us, and so “know and experience” this … Christian faith has always been part of my life, and at 12 I took very seriously what we were taught about prayer and Bible, regularity at worship and communion, and living a Christian life.
    Things changed dramatically in our family when I was about 14. My mother underwent a dramatic Christian awakening, which resulted in her immersion baptism, my father’s return to the church after 30 years, and as a family going to the local Church of Christ … In a few months, I responded to the “call” given every Sunday night and said “yes” to the simple statement of faith (based on Matthew 16:16). I was visited by the minister to go through the basics, and was baptised by immersion and welcomed into membership at the Lord’s Table.
    It was a three Sunday step then in the Church of Christ. One was surrounded by encouragement. I think six were baptised on my night. The church was very excited at all the young people being baptised.

Which aspects of God were emphasized at your baptism? Grace? Salvation? New life? Love? Community? Other things? Take some time to reflect on one of these aspects of God.
Reflection by Gilbert Joyce, South Yarra Community Baptist Church, 10 January 2016. For full text, click here.

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