Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Day 37: Wednesday: I still have reservations

I was baptised as a child in a ceremony in which my parents and the church vowed to nurture me in the faith. They took their vows seriously so that as teenager I became a member of the church through a profession of faith.
    About twenty years later I went to a Baptist church. My wife was immediately accepted into membership as she had been baptised as an adult but I could not be accepted for membership because I had ‘only’ been baptised as a child. 
    Being of the stiff-necked variety I took offence. I saw this as a personal affront and a slight to all my Christian friends who had not undergone adult baptism. Was I to be tolerated as a non-member, like a child or an illegitimate adult in the household of God? The whole issue of adult baptism is a problem if one has spent one’s whole life grappling with the issues of faith. It also makes the question of how we treat the children of the church very problematic.
    I resisted for about twelve years but one Sunday I finally joined a group being baptised and so became a member.
    I still have reservations about the decision.

Has a baptism ever caused you reservations? Why? Pray about your reservations, and ask God to show you a path to peace.

Reflection by John Sampson, South Yarra Community Baptist Church, 22 January 2016.

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