Saturday, February 20, 2016

Day 10: Saturday: Rebirth to beauty

We wake … from the deep sleep of good children, to the soft sound of wind through the casuarina trees and the gentle sleep-breathing rhythm of waves on the shore. We run bare-legged to the beach, which lies smooth, flat, and glistening with fresh wet shells after the night’s tides. The morning swim has the nature of a blessing to me, a baptism, a rebirth to the beauty and wonder of the world.

Did baptism open your eyes to the beauty of the world? Did the beauty of the world lead you to baptism? Give thanks for the world, and especially for water: dewdrops and teardrops; pools, ponds and billabongs; muddy puddles and cool wells; the rivers and the sea.

Gift from the Sea 
Reading from Anne Morrow Lindburgh Gift from the Sea (New York: Vintage, 1991 (1955)), 99-100.

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