Wednesday, November 11, 2015

With Open Hands

I would be ashamed to admit just how often I sit in the silence before the sermon and contemplate shoes or ‘shoulds’ or shopping lists. I love shoes, and think about them often; and what with three kids, I am forever making shopping lists. As for what I should do – exercise more, pray more, give more away, call this person, email that person, weed the garden, clean the house, radically change my life for the sake of the gospel – well, what I should do is endless. I will never, ever get through the list of things I should do, no matter how hard I try...

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  1. Thank you for this timely word, Alison.

  2. apologies in advance if this comes across as super creepy but I had to try to contact you.

    You see, you and I have the same name. I go by Ali and I have added a Smith to my last name after I got married. But I came into the world as Alison Sampson. Not only that but I am also a minister with the United Church of Canada. I was ordained 8 years ago.

    I came across your name as you were quoted in a document from New Zealand on kid-friendly communion. I followed up with your church's website but couldn't find a way to contact you so here I am.

    I noticed in your bio that you have 3 young children. I do too! I have a son and two step-daughters. I'm also thinking we might be around the same age. I am 34.

    I was not going to write to you but I thought you might get a kick out of these coincidences.

    My email is available on my church website, which I have added to my info here.

    1. Wow! I will definitely follow you up, I've always wanted a twin!!


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