Friday, May 25, 2012

Primary School Pentecost


The following piece appeared as a guest post on Communicating Across Boundaries, a lovely blog about faith, life and culture.


Every Tuesday I spend time in a classroom with kids from all over the world... Together, we read, write and tell stories; and this year, we are experimenting with journaling. On a recent Tuesday, we delved into a story about a ‘half’ birthday. Afterwards, a girl and I wondered. I wonder how the family crossed the busy road? I wonder why the birthday boy fell asleep? I wonder where their dog is running through the trees? I wonder why they celebrated a half birthday? I wonder why his sister took her dinosaur back? I wonder what we celebrate, and how?

To read more, click here.

Oscar's Half Birthday


  1. Beautiful. Thank you for making the connection about Pentecost for me.

  2. Hi Stay Well, There are so many ways to understand and engage with the Pentecost story; I'm glad that this way resonated with you. alison.


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