Sunday, August 14, 2011

More than enough

As I stride along in my big red boots, an early spring breeze ruffles my hair. I swing the bag holding pink and purple wellies, a birthday present for my youngest daughter, and I can't help but laugh aloud. It's Thursday night, and I'm out and about with a bit of money in my pocket, heading to my favourite bar. There I'll chat with the barmaid about her new hat, then order a glass of wine and a toasted sandwich and call it dinner. Warm and fed, recharged by an hour or two alone at the back, I'll wander off to choir and sing.

How delightful it is to have a few dollars in my pocket! How lucky I am to have an hour or two out! How glorious it is to meet up with friends! How fortunate I am to have money, time, companionship, love!

Rockefeller was rich as Croesus; yet when asked 'How much is enough?' he replied, 'a little more, always a little more' or words to that effect. But a good pair of boots and a thick blue jacket; a glass of wine and a bit of toasted cheese; the joy of three daughters; the company of friends; and a husband warming my bed at night – what more could I possibly want?

Whatever was Rockefeller thinking?! So much more than enough, this is life in abundance. In the late afternoon, as the sun dips low and sets the sky alight, even the shabby streets of Brunswick are paved with gold.


  1. I love those times when one can actually stop and think, things are really good right now. Your late afternoon and evening sounds just perfect.

  2. maybe as good as your rainy saturday! ( for other readers) - have to cherish those days.

  3. ...and it is always the simple things that bring a smile to my face.

    Watching one of my horses saved from the sales cantering through the paddocks with a spring in his step.

    Having one of my dogs lean up against my leg as I wash the dishes.

    Climbing into my warm bed at night and watching the moonlight flicker across the ceiling of my bedroom in the house that my husband and I have built.

    The chill of a winter breeze picking up a stray tendril of hair that has escaped my ponytail and drives me crazy as I try to tame it.

    Finding eggs laid by my chickens.

    All of these things are more than enough for me.

    Another lovely post, Alison

  4. I don't think I'll ever tire of finding eggs. I'm always surprised, delighted. Gold, every single time.


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