Monday, August 9, 2010

Small healings

JS Bach's Cello Suites.
Sipping beer, putting up my feet.
Starting to write. Learning to knit.
Taking time to stop and sit
on sunny step with tea and friend.
Managing to tend
the garden. Unexpected fun.
The gentle light of winter sun.
The warmth of it upon my hair.
The hug of grandpa's velvet chair.
Watching laundry dance and flap.
Singing loud. Women's chat.
Emptying the well of tears.
Ten years.


  1. dangling together on the web of life
    a wandering good feeling in the form of a wee girl
    a tear shed in safe company
    the infinite patterns of the clouds up above
    pulling faces and moving in new ways
    collecting delicate pencil sharpenings
    reggae music
    the colour of things
    people who can write it down

  2. lying on a trampoline
    with the sun dancing beyond your eyelids
    riding a bike into wind
    a hot shower on a sore back
    stirring tea and watching the spoon
    hearing the clink clink clink
    into steam


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