Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A toast, a toast!

I wrote an article about the children I read with each week, and it was published in a real live newspaper this morning! If you would like to read it, you can click here. And to all of you who have been reading along for the last year or so, who have emboldened me to keep writing, I raise a metaphorical glass of bubbly and call for a toast!

To mercy and laughter
To the web and weave of us
To patience and kindness,
To love and water!*

May faith, hope and love prevail.

And thanks to you all.

(*I came across this glorious toast here.)


  1. This toast is a celebration of life in all its variety and diversity.

    (Eureka Street is awesome, isn't it?)

  2. Great piece, Alison. Well done! More humanity in your little finger than the pissant politicians (of all stripes) who've forgotten that politics and policy is meant to have an enlarging, compassionate public purpose. More strength to your arm! Mike

  3. What a lovely young woman [I'm 77] you are!Congratulations on expressing in your Age article this morning so much of what I feel and apparently what many of your earlier readers do also. A few days back my letter to the Age was unpublished but you've said so much. It's time all political parties stopped this linking of people who need our help to projected economic and social woes and linked them to the idea of a stronger and more caring community . Murray Anderson Tootgarook muzzatoot@bigpond .com


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