Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Talking about the moon

Er er er er er, said my baby, just 5 months old.
Er er er er er, said my 5 year old back.
Er er er er er, said the baby.
Er er er er er, said the 5 year old.
Back and forth they went, repeating simple sounds to each other.
And then the 5 year old said to me, We're talking about the moon!

The moon is full, rising low and heavy over the rooftops. My older daughters watch it with rapt fascination. It is their intimate and familiar friend. They watch its journey across the skies, its changing form from week to week. 'Moon!' was one of their first words. They would bellow it out from the back of the car, startling adults into awareness and reminding us of its presence and beauty. Now they are passing on their love to their baby sister in playful conversations and stories. One day soon she too will shout 'Moon!' and we will again be roused from our waking slumber and invited to notice, celebrate, name, and sing the creation with her.

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